Visiting the Salon

Once you have made an appointment, we would like to make sure you visit is an enjoyable one and to avoid any disappointments we would appreciate if you take a moment to look at our salon policies.

Late Cancellation and No Show Policy

If for any reason you decide that you no longer need an appointment. We would appreciate if you cancel at least 24hrs prior to booked time to avoid being charged a fee.

Late Cancellations ( depending on the reason ) and all No Shows will be charged 25% of the price of the service booked, which will automatically be put on the clients account to be payed on the next visit.


As parking is very limited around the salon. We recommend you park at the car park opposite slough train station, or in the QUEENSMERE or OBSERVATORY car park on Wellington street( approx 5 min walk away )

Relaxing and Perming

Prior to having a Relaxer, can you please make sure that your hair has not been washed for 5 days or heavily scratched as this can cause the scalp to irritate quickly, which could result in the relaxer being removed and under processed.

If the hair has been in a Weave, Braids or any kind of Extensions for longer than 3 weeks. We will not be able to apply any chemical unless the extensions has been removed and hair washed and combed through thoroughly 5 days prior to your appointment

Parents Please Note

A salon is not a suitable environment for young children to play in. With a lack of space, sharp tools, hot equipment and and chemical irritants their Health and Safety is a concern, and our insurance may not cover if any injury befalls them.

Siblings hair Salon is not equipped for entertaining small children. So any child that comes into the salon must be supervised (by an adult who is not receiving a service), at all times,

We do understand that obtaining child care can be difficult, Please understand that fellow clients who are receiving services, some times come to the salon to escape their children and it is unfair for them to watch out for another persons child.